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Trust and Commitment

We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Taxis Reunidos Setubalense are a dynamic and reliable taxi transport company. Our drivers have extensive experience and a wide knowledge of Setúbal district.

We seek to offer our customers the best and most efficient taxi service, offering the best conditions of comfort and safety to all customers who enjoy our services, with total availability of time, we work and accept appointments 24 hours a day, whether for a short or long distance journey, or for Lisbon airport,  for medical consultations, regular contract services with companies, among others.

viagens confortáveis e seguras. inicio taxis reunidos setubalense serviços de táxi em setúbal

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The satisfaction of our customers is our daily mission.

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Why to use taxi?

Road safety depends a lot on drivers' experience and responsibility, which allows them to avoid situations that could result in accidents, putting the safety of the passengers at risk. Taxi drivers often have a professional career that usually lasts several years. In addition, all our drivers are properly identified and accredited with the CMT (Taxi Driver Certificate) and all vehicles are well equipped and have insurance suitable to the activity.

The price of a taxi ride is regulated and defined by fixed values applied to the distance and time of the trip. There are no dynamic rates on days or hours with highest demand. The value is displayed during the journey on the taximeter and invoices are issued using a certified invoicing program.
Payment Facility
You can currently pay for the service in any form. Our vehicles are all equipped with POS terminals.

Travel with confidence, don't hesitate, get a Taxi!


We are also on your mobile, free of charge
Táxis APP Setúbal

At no cost to the user, install this App from the Apple Store or Google Play. After registration, with a simple touch, order a taxi easily and safely. Izzymove locates your position and the system directly communicates to the nearest taxi. Once the order has been received, you can follow the taxi's route in real time.

A price simulator is also available, as well as the possibility to make reservations, select the taxi characteristics and payment method.

At the end of the service you can make your evaluation.

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We are also present on several internet platforms, one of which is the Tá directory.  

Know the city ​


Setúbal is a district and city within the metropolitan region of Lisbon, about 40 minutes from the capital, with one of the largest ports in the country of great historical and economic importance. In the district of Setúbal you can find a little bit of everything, from endless beaches to fishing neighborhoods, breathtaking pine forests that feed the region's economy to urban areas with large commercial and industrial areas. Around the city of Setúbal are areas of preserved nature, namely the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, where dolphins can be seen in freedom, and the Arrábida Natural Park, with unique characteristics, with species that can only be found in areas close to the Mediterranean. Due to the cultural involvement with the Sado river estuary and the proximity of the ports of Setúbal and Sesimbra to the Atlantic Ocean, the gastronomy of the Setúbal region makes strong use of fish-based dishes and products that develop favorably in the climate of region. Agricultural products also deserve special attention, namely table wines and the well-known Setúbal muscatel. For nature lovers, here you will find stunning landscapes in a perfect setting of natural parks rich in fauna and flora, and a remarkable coastline with successive beaches with transparent waters and fine sand, namely Figueirinha, Galapos and Portinho da Arrábida. On the opposite bank of the River Sado, which can be easily reached by ferry or Catamaran, there is the Troia peninsula and all the beaches on the Alentejo coast, such as Comporta beach, Carvalhal, Praia do Pego, among others. In addition to this unique natural heritage, you will also find exuberant historical monuments.

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