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The company Táxis Reunidos now has a new feature on this same site: the Electronic Complaints Book.

You can access our Online Complaints Book by clicking on the icon below where you can:

  • Complain

  • Compliment or make suggestions for improvement

  • Consult your complaints

  • Request information from the Regulatory Entity


For our part, we will try to respond within a maximum period of 14 days to all complaints that reach us via the official Electronic Complaints Book platform.

táxis setubal

Litigation and Arbitration

Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center
Consumer information in accordance with Law 144/2015 – Artº 18, nº 2 of 8 September 

In the event of a dispute arising from our provision of services, the customer may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity (RAL) for consumption.
Without prejudice to the duty to consult the Consumer Portal ( ), the consumer may resort to the Lisbon Conflict Arbitration Center, located at Rua dos Douradores, 108 2º, 1100-207 Lisboa or

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